SizeGenetics Is Classified As Medical Type 1 Device For Natural Penis Enlargement and Non-Invasive Penile Curvature Correction

Last Modified/Updated on May 11, 2015

UPDATE: As of late March 2015, SizeGenetics penis extender device/system now ships with 2800g tension as standard. This means, it has now more tension than previous standard, which was 2300g only. With the 2800g tension as standard, SizeGenetics users(including you) can now enjoy a wide range of pulling or extending tension that suits your preference eventually giving the desired results. In addition, SizeGenetics has been continuously looking for ways to improve the product to make users more comfortable for better results. Recently, SizeGenetics partnered up with 3M in providing additional comfort plaster included in the SizeGenetics Ultimate and Advanced Comfort Systems.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is nominated for one of the Paul Raymond Publication Awards as “Adult Product of The Year 2013″. When it comes to increasing penis size, penis extenders like the SizeGenetics can be extremely helpful. This is one of the natural penis enlargement solutions that men can use instead of the painful surgical procedures.

In this review, we are gonna be reviewing what is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective choice for natural, safe penis enlargement device called SizeGenetics.

Quick Introduction To SizeGenetics Ultimate System

Visit this page for the full and detailed instructional video guide on how to use SizeGenetics penis extension and the various attachments, mechanisms and accessories that come along with the package especially for the Ultimate System. For SizeGenetics editions/packages comparison and inclusions, click here.

SizeGenetics can help men who are concerned about their penis size and felt it could have been bigger. Most men who have small penis suffers inferiority complex that could lead to lack of sexual confidence.

Click the play button of the video to the right to watch it.


SizeGenetics Penis Size Gains Calculator

SizeGenetics provided a way of predicting penis growth using the gains calculator below. However, it should be taken with emphasis that anyone who uses SizeGenetics may not achieve similar results as predicted by the calculator. There are numerous factors that affects the gains like frequency of usage, number of hours, and tension settings. There are those who have amazing gains because they additional routines to their SizeGenetics routine.

If you want great gains, incorporate in your regular penis extender routine manual exercises such as Jelqing and stretching. In fact, both of these exercises are great for both warm-up and warming down exercises prior and after putting the SizeGenetics device. Additionally, if you have the chance to own a hydro pump either Bathmate or Penomet, have them in your routine, although it is not a requirement…it’s just an additional means to further boost your gains.

Enter your current measurements to calculate your estimated results.
Calculations are based on average growth rate with the traction device ONLY. Adding the PenisHealth exercises will help you gain faster with more noticeable results.

Benefits and Features Of SizeGenetics Extender

Projection Of Penis Growth Graph

  • Designed to help in increasing penis length by inches easily.
  • Endorsed and recommended by penis enlargement surgeons.
  • Include a FREE penis exercises to help the penis achieve rock-hard erections.
  • Designed to help those having curvature erections.
  • Designed with 58-Way MDA(Multi Directional Angling) Ultimate Comfort Technology.
  • The device is made from high-quality materials making it durable.
  • Can help in achieving a better and controlled ejaculation.
  • Overall results can boost self-confidence in women and sexual performance.

Before going down further, watch the video in order for you to have a good overview about the SizeGenetics penis extender device and how it works.

Additionally, this penile extension device has been mentioned and appeared in various media outlets such as GQ Magazine and Channel 4 in the UK.

How It Works And Expected Results

SizeGenetics is a penis traction device designed to gradually stretches the penis over a prolonged period allowing the cells within the penis to multiply resulting in an extension, in length and girth.

Based on user and customer testimonials, this penis enlargement and extension device have seen their penis extend after used and overtime by up to 30 percent in length and girth.

Through its rigid and durable design, SizeGenetics feels and looks a quality product. No wonder it is backed by different clinical tests and surgeon recommendations, plus featured in various TV shows and popular magazines over the years. It’s comfortable for wearing long-hours, although you have to find a suitable way to be able to wear it without soreness of the penis, check the 58-way comfort system section to read more about it.


In addition to the SizeGenetics built from high-quality and durable parts and allows the continued adaptability of the device through the supplied spare parts to match and increase in size, SizeGenetics include a unique system that no other product has which is a 58-way comfort system. This allows the user to adjust it to the exact specification he wants for optimal comfort and stability.

All product of this kind needs to be worn literally for 100s of hours. Hence, the inclusion of the unique comfort system is undoubtedly invaluable given the time taken wearing this penis extender.

58-Way Comfort System – Comfortable To Wear

Other similar penis extender products or devices can become terribly uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged time. However, tests on SizeGenetics comfort system have an immense positive impact on the level of comfort.

SizeGenetics extender packages with the exception of the Budget Edition/Package (refer to the packages section) are equipped with a 58-way comfort system. This simply means SizeGenetics devices can be used or wear in 58 different ways. In order for you to have a good idea how to wear or use it in numerous ways, refer to the image below.

58 Ways To Wear Sizegenetics Comfortably

The demonstration presented in the image is not complete, and you can discover yourself your own preference or way of wearing the device that feels comfortable for you. This section is included as I’ve seen many who bought SizeGenetics but end up in frustration due to difficulty of using the device. As one user say, excitement of hold the device in your hand can turn into frustration if you can’t put it on correctly the first time.

Moreover, every package of SizeGenetics include a detailed instructional DVD. So, don’t skip it. In fact, you should first watch it before doing anything or at least you should follow along with the video while exploring your SizeGenetics package upon arrival and un-boxing it.

Keep in mind, this is no magical wand that upon arrival all you have to do is put it on. Yes, the device is somewhat complicated if you ignore reading the user guide or watch the instructional DVD. If you take time to learn, which will not take a month, but perhaps a 30 minutes to an hour of figuring it along while watching the instructional videos can save you hours or even days of frustration on figuring out yourself on how to put it on correctly and comfortably.

Again, watch the instructional videos provided in DVD format and take some time to learn how to wear SizeGenetics correctly and comfortably. You’ll be surprise that you could somehow make your own combination of wearing the comfort system included. In fact, there are those who bought Sizegenetics and did some modifications for their own preference. But, honestly, the entire comfort system that comes with SizeGenetics is enough for your to explore and experiment which combination is comfortable and appropriate for you.

There is no one-way of wearing it nor a single preference of using it. So, owned the device not just because you bought it, but explore and experiment with it. If you give up the first time you fail wearing it properly, surely you are wasting money and time, plus your frustration, which has huge impact on you negatively. If you feel you’re having difficulty using it, consult the DVD or user guide once again. Possibly, you missed something the first time you read the user guide or watch the DVD. It’s common especially if you’re excited to have it in your hands for the first time.

SizeGenetics Is A Medical Type 1 Device

Safety and Effectiveness

SizeGenetics has been clinically-tested. It is recommended by thousands of surgeons worldwide as well as being officially classified as a Type1 medical device, an indication that the product being bought is a high-quality and effective product that will not put safety at risks.

A Medical type 1 device means it has been assessed by Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe to ensure efficacy and safety. This is a bit more on a technical side, yet if you are interested in reading more about it, click here.

Another important thing about safety is using the device correctly. Refer to the instructional guide either the DVD or the written user guide for safety precautions and instructions to use the device in a correct way.

Medical Endorsements and Backings

As we know, penis enlargement is not widely supported by the medical professionals and medicine in general. The good news, various doctors and surgeons backed the effectiveness and safety of SizeGenetics. They have confirmed that clinical study performed on traction extenders worked, and how it helped men gain back their sexual confidence with heads up high.

Dr. Jorn Siana, M.D.

These medical professionals who backed SizeGenetics as an effective penile enhancement device are expert in plastic surgery, clinical psychology, and most importantly all have experience in the field of male enhancement solutions both psychological and physical improvements.

First among the medical professionals who endorses and back the efficiency of SizeGenetics is its creator, Dr. Jørn Ege Siana, MD(Specialist in General and Plastic Surgery).

Although, it might seem unfair the creator itself endorses the product, but let us take a look at Dr. Siana credentials why he is credible of creating such amazing and effective product for increasing penile size.

Dr. Jørn Ege Siana, MD

  • Medical Doctor (MD) – June 1983, School of Medicine, University of Copenhagen.
  • Member of American Society of Plastic & Re-constructive Surgery(ASAPS)
  • Founding member of International Association of Male Sexual Surgery

Back in 1991, Dr. Siana opened 3 private practices. Later, after he opened it, he quickly earned the reputation as an expert for male sexual surgery internationally. In fact, the experiences he gained from being an expert male sexual surgery led him to invent the SizeGenetics device as a helpful tool to aid in the development and healing process of the penis right after surgical procedures. However, he quickly realized additional potential benefits of the device he created as a penis enlargement device along with surgeries he had performed.

Curved Penis Syndrome or Peyronies

To prove the potential benefits of the device, Dr. Siana began conducting clinical tests. The clinical tests proved the device’s capacity to correct desired results on curved penises, whether due to surgery or Peyronies disease.

In fact, he later discovered the device he created is not only for increasing penis size, but as a treatment for men who are suffering from penile curvature, a condition known as Peyronies disease.

The curvature of the penis due to Peyronies disease can result to painful erections, erectile dysfunction(ED), and eventually shortening of the penis due to severe detrimental psychological effects of not being to perform well sexually.

Frank of Fairway, Kansas, U.S.A. shares his experience on how SizeGenetics extender helped him in correcting or straightening his curved penis. Here’s what he said…

You know… I’ve always fancied myself as a ladies’ man, but occasionally there have been times where I’ve backed out of a sure night of sex with a 10 out of 10 stunner; simply because I’m paranoid about my curved penis.

My penis looks when flaccid, but when it’s erect it practically points 45 degree angle to the left, and although I can often make it work, often I find it frustrating and sometimes can’t even bothered to have sex due to this.

Fortunately, one day… me and group friends were surfing online checkout out some penis extension websites, just for fun! When we read through the SizeGenetics website, I thought… I would give it a go secretly and see if it could help me straighten my penis.

After all, what is a couple of dollars compared to having and achieving a bigger, longer and straighter penis, and the confidence to gained.

Well, anyway… it’s been ten months of using the SizeGenetics, and it definitely improved the curvature. Now, my penis is a straighter and noticeable becomes longer. Certainly, I’m going to keep using and wearing the extender and hopefully see a fully straight penis and eliminate the curvature completely.

Happily, now I’m always up to having sex. I should say… no lady is safe from my ultimate weapon in the bedroom. Thanks to the guys at SizeGenetics. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out until I got my penis straightened.

To date, traction extenders like SizeGenetics have been used by thousands of clinics around the globe as a penile rehabilitation device after surgery. Plus, thousands of men have been using the device since it was introduced who were able to achieved penile size gains safely and permanently.

Finn Worm Knudsen, M.D.

Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, MD

Another medical doctor who backed SizeGenetics effectiveness and safety is Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen, MD. He is a;

  • Member of the Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the Swedish and Danish Medical Association
  • Member of the Danish Society for Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery
  • Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS)

Dr. Knudsen work as a full time plastic surgeon began since 1996. Since then, he had performed various documented international studies, which earned him his membership of the ASAPS(American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). He also gets interested on working with men who are insecure about their penis size.

Dr. Knudsen often asked by men who are not well-endowed if surgery is the best answer in increasing penis size. Although, he recommends surgery sometimes, still he primarily introduce non-invasive means.

One of the method he recommends to his not well-endowed patients is the traction device and in this case SizeGenetics extender. He found SizeGenetics to be extremely effective in helping the penis gain size inches, as well as helped reduce and correct penile curvatures.

He also added,

SizeGenetics penis extender device is the only device I can confidently recommend as I know the device is made 100% from medical grade components and is therefore safe.

Available Package Choices and Bonuses

SizeGenetics penis extender is available in 3 packages, and each package comes with varying components and bonuses. The first package is the ULTIMATE SYSTEM that comes with many bonuses including PenisHealth Exercise and Online Better Sex DVDs. Furthermore, the SizeGenetics Ultimate System include FREE Shipping through a limited offer.

New SizeGenetics Ultimate System (Complete Penis Extender System)

The second package is the ADVANCED COMFORT that includes SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Penis Extender device, 58-Way Ultimate Comfort System plus 3 sizes of extra elongation bars. The third and final package available is the BASIC DEVICE that comes with the penis extender device along with 1-inch and 2-inches elongation bars plus comfort pad and strap, as well as instructional video in DVD format that also comes with every other packages.

RECOMMENDATION: Get the Ultimate System for maximum Comfort and Flexibility. Being comfortable while wearing on extended time can help achieve better results significantly.

However, both the ADVANCED Comfort and BASIC Device Editions work well, too it just do not have the bonuses and the various accessories and attachments that are included in the Ultimate System that provides more options for comfort. Plus, Ultimate System comes with the PenisHealth Exercise DVD for FREE which is a huge addition to achieving the desired penis enlargement results.

Click Here To ORDER Your Preferred Edition/Package

Overview Of Penis Health (FREE Gift)

Penis Health is a complete product on its own sold separately. Fortunately, SizeGenetics is generous enough to include this penile health exercise program for FREE in every purchase of the Ultimate System Kit. Now, we’ll go over the basics on how Penis Health works and why it works well with Male Extra and even with penis enlargement devices like traction penis extender, SizeGenetics.

The way it works is very simple. The human male penis is a complex system containing a network of veins and arteries. All these are responsible in dictating the size and strength of erection quality of the penis. The blood that flows into the penis’ Corpora Cavernosa fills to its maximum capacity, hence erection occurs.

Penis Health DVD Overview FREE GIFT

The Penis Health exercises target the penile Corpora Cavernosa for it to expand and allows more blood to flow resulting to bigger and firmer erections. Moreover, exercising the penis on a regular basis even without the goal of increasing the penis size can be very helpful to individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Overtime, consistently performing the exercises can result not only to a substantial increase of penis size but significant boost in sexual performance, at the same time. For an easy analogy, consider it like a fitness training where one goes to the gym every day and overtime building great muscles.

Although, the penis is not a muscle, the tissue that surrounds Corpora Cavernosa known as Tunica Albuginea is the one that is increasing in size allowing the Corpora Cavernosa increase in capacity, as well.

Penis Health consists of 30 manual exercises targeting different parts of the penis. Each technique is developed separately to provide the most efficient results allowing to achieve longer and thicker penis as it both works on girth and length gains.

There are exercises within the Penis Health program designed separately for length and girth gains. Targeting for length gains are exercises designed to stimulate the Corpora Cavernosa, while exercises targeting gains simulate the Corpus Spongiosumm and Carvernosal artery.

As you can see, it looks simple and easy. However, doing the exercises wrongly can result to penile injury. This is the reason why penis enlargement program like Penis Health are designed to help you achieve gains safely and naturally.

What Do You Get With Penis Health?

There are over 30 manual penis exercises carefully created to help boost erection quality resulting to an increase in stamina for longer and power sex sessions. Here is a breakdown of those exercises giving a clear idea.

  • 11 Unique exercise routines designed to target length and girth gains.
  • 13 Unique exercise routines specifically designed to help increase girth size.
  • 8 exercise routines designed to help improve ejaculatory control, which is very helpful to individuals suffering from premature ejaculation.

Designed For Both Beginners and Advanced Users

All the exercises within the Penis Health Program are designed for men of all ages. The program provides everything a man need to ensure success in boosting erection quality and increasing penis size.

In addition to the exercises, detailed instructions on how to perform them correctly for maximum gains, plus extras including online logbook for easy progress tracking, and videos and pictures providing a visual references on how to measure the penis girth and length correctly.

Combining the proven efficiency and power of SizeGenetics with exercises provided by Penis Health program would not only help maintain and achieve better sexual health, but permanent gains, as well.

In fact, certain exercise routine in the Penis Health program can be use as a warm-up routine prior to putting on the SizeGenetics extender, and can be use to warm-down or massage the penis in between hours of wearing the device ensuring proper blood flow.

Penis Health Comparison Chart With Other System

Penis Health Quick Comparison Chart with Other PE System

Penis Health DVD is a completely separate product from SizeGenetics. In fact, you can order Penis Health separately. However, it would be beneficial if it’s used along with a proven penis enlargement device like SizeGenetics. And, since Penis Health is offered as a FREE bonus/gift with SizeGenetics Ultimate System, I think it’s great opportunity to have both for achieving faster gains in increasing penis size, or perhaps for penis health maintenance purposes.

Whichever is your goal whether to achieve a bigger penis size, correct or straighten penile curvature, or simply for the purpose of maintaining a healthy penis and sexual health, the system can work for your benefits.

SizeGenetics Extender Pros and Cons

Beyond these clinical backings, numerous clinical tests and doctor endorsements have been undertaken to acknowledge officially the potential achievable results obtainable through the use of this penis enlargement and extension device.

SizeGenetics Money Back Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Unfortunately, quality does comes at a price with SizeGenetics costing $389.95 for the ultimate system. SizeGenetics is offered in 3 versions or packages, Ultimate System, Device Only and Starter Kit Edition which costs $199.95.

However, the tension strength of the starter kit edition is much lower compare to the other superior editions resulting in a potential increase, in size of 1 inch only. If possible, avoid obtaining the starter edition and opt for the ultimate system, instead.

Despite the higher costs of the two superior packages, both are extremely high quality products built using the best materials providing the best comfort and results possible. SizeGenetics offer an additional 24-months warranty priced at $40. However, based on a high-build quality of this product, adding the additional cost for the warranty is not necessary.

SizeGenetics is also offered as an up-sell to the popular Male Extra supplement at 30 percent discount. However, this is only optional if your budget allows. Reports from various users that they achieved better results using SizeGenetics along with a natural potent male enhancement supplements such as Male Extra or VigRX Plus.

SizeGenetics Extender User Feedback/Testimonials

I noticed a shocking 1/2(.5) inch gain after two weeks. By the end of four months, I had gained 1 full inch when fully erect. I am excited to see how far I can go and achieve with SizeGenetics. -S. Hay

I have always enjoyed sex; the extra size and confidence has increased that enjoyment. My SizeGenetics was shipped and arrived on time packed in un-marked brown packaging. I started using and wearing SizeGenetics outside at my work with ease. My gains represent a substantial noticeable percentage increase. -D. Hopeshi

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable SizeGenetics was. I had tried other penis extender devices available on the market today, but I was unhappy with the discomfort I’ve experienced. However, this was not the case with SizeGenetics. In fact, after a couple of months using and putting on the SG extender device, I’m nearly an inch bigger. -D. Montgomery

Click Here For More SUCCESS Stories

Warranty, Shipping and Customer Support

SizeGenetics offers a 100% FREE-Shipping through discreet packaging and billing. Furthermore, ordering SizeGenetics is processed through 128-bit data encryption payment system. Hence, ensuring security and privacy of your order.

SG Warranty and Customer Support

For additional peace of mind, SizeGenetics offers a 6-Months(180-Days) money-back guarantee. With the quality product comes with friendly and helpful customer support. In fact, the SizeGenetics customer support department offers both pre-sale and post sale services.

The fully qualified customer support representatives are ready and waiting to answer your questions and concerns about the product. Telephone support is available for the following countries such as United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Final Thoughts and Takeaway

Ultimately, both SizeGenetics Ultimate System and Device Only editions are expensive penis enlargement and extension products. However, for men who are serious about achieving an increase in penis size, SizeGenetics is by far the best choice that allows to achieve the desired results.

The inclusion of the exclusive 58-way comfort technology system that makes wearing the SizeGenetics device for a prolonged period a lot more comfortable, the selections of exciting bonuses, positive success stories, and surgeon recommendations… SizeGenetics is the clear winner of the penis enlargement and extension device market.

Success With SizeGenetics

There is no doubt, traction extenders like the SizeGenetics work. However, you have to do your part in consistently implementing the recommended routines.

Follow the beginners routine if you are just starting with penis enlargement, or first time using the device. I have put up an article about how to use the SizeGenetics extender along with its accessories properly making it effective aiming the best possible gains.

As always, prior to using the device, it is advisable to perform a warm-up routine to prepare the penis making it in tune upon wearing it for hours implementing the routines. Warming up can be done through manual exercises like Jelqing and stretching.

There is no need to do intense exercise, simply a massage-type Jelq and stretch would do as its sole purpose is to keep the blood flow flowing to the penile shaft prior to putting it on the penis.

The good news about using the SizeGenetics extender device, it can be use along with any other methods of penis enlargements either through manual exercises I’ve mentioned, or penis pumps either air vacuum or hydro pumps. There is no limit to what you can do with penis enlargement as long as you do follow safety precautions, plus with patience and persistence results can be realized.

Simply ignore those annoying ads online that promises quick results in a short amount of time. There is no such thing as a magic spell or bullet when it comes to increasing penis size. In short, there are no shortcuts to achieving noticeable gains, you have to work, as well as put time and effort in order to achieve permanent gains safely.

Keep in mind, forcing or overdoing the exercise and use of any device can hurt or lead to injury especially for beginners wherein the penis is not yet ready to take the rigorous actions of forces. Yes, there are advanced routines available that helped many men achieved quick results and surpass the plateau, but these are for advanced users who are experienced already.

If you are just beginning, make sure you follow beginners safety guidelines to avoid injury, or perhaps temporary erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement is safe as long as proper precautions are taken.

Begin your journey today to the exciting world of penis enlargement with SizeGenetics penis extender device. The earlier you begin your journey, the quicker you can get the results you want.

Buy SizeGenetics Online (Official Order Link)

Now Comes with 2800g Tension as STANDARD, Plus FREE 3M Comfort Plaster on Ultimate and Advanced Comfort Packages


Download/View Official SizeGenetics User Guide

Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. jay says

    Not effective for me sadly.

    The only way to keep it from slipping was to have it so tight it would cut of my circulation.

    Money down the drain.

    • Lyle says

      I was in the situation with you Jay when I first used my SizeGenetics around 2 months ago when it arrived. I took me many tries and I was about to give up… I mean, wTH they’re talking about comfort when it’s so tight and not comfortable at all. I thought my money was burned and wasted. Fortunately, I got the ultimate edition, which is very confusing indeed if you don’t watch the instructional dvd…. and finally, after a few days of tinkering, I find that using the protech matt helps in avoiding the slipping. Honestly, my size is not as big particularly girth, so I have to use the padding as well to bump up the size a bit. Well, so far so good…

      My advice, don’t give up, you already have the unit, so find something to wear it comfortable.

    • janz says

      I guess this is one of those bad or should I say frustrating moments especially for first time users. I know because I’ve experienced it when I had SizeGenetics for the first time on my hand. Just like many others, I opted for the ultimate package, but to be honest when I saw first time the entire package unassembled, it was confusing. Of course, I was excited but if you can’t wear it correctly, excitement can be easily replaced with anger, frustration, that I’ve paid for this much and all I got is this???!!! You know… I felt that way. But one huge thing I’ve overlooked was setting aside that thin disc, which is the instructional dvd. It turned out, it was the most helpful when I watched the instructions through video, I find several combinations of wearing the extender. There is no single way to wear it, you have to find a combination that isn’t tight, comfortable and somehow never restrict the blood flow. I’ve even used foam padding underneath as I don’t feel comfortable with the padding the comes with it. Btw, the foam padding I’ve used does not comes with the package, the one comes with the package…i’m not using it. Instead, I cut a very nice and comfortable foam from my wife’s unused bra and used it instead… 😀

    • Michael Wiener says

      Thanks to all those who replied and provided tips for jay. I think I’ve missed a section on this article about the numerous ways on how to wear the SizeGenetics. So, I’ve just updated and added it above. Hopefully, you will find a way of wearing a combination of the comfort system that’s comfortable for you without getting your penis slipped through it. I, myself tried wrapping the penis with a soft and comfortable bandage-type wrap, similar to ace bandage. When I do this, I don’t use any of the padding, just the silicon noose, or comfort strap.

      Also, if you have these on your package, try using the non-slip protech matt, or the fabric covered latex head grip, and then use either the silicon noose, or comfort strap. Try them both and see which one works best for you.

  2. Owen says

    I’m really amazed how innovations in different fields make us do anything we though impossible many years ago. Personally, I was skeptical about doing penis enlargement using traction extender. I’ve got a slightly curved penis, which is OK and feel no pain when having sex, but I thought I could do something to straighten it. So, a few years ago I went to a urologist and ask an opinion about it. The urologist told me the slight curvature is fine, but if I want to straighten it without any surgical procedure, he recommended a traction device. At that time, I wasn’t aware it was already used my many for enlargement purposes, and neither the urologist told me. After around 8 months of using it, I curvature seems to have corrected. And, one thing amazing happened, I noticed the penis is now longer. I can clearly notice it because I have to use an extension rod that comes with the extender. So, I started wondering how it might be and I later learned this thing has been used for enlargement purposes also. So, it works….however, if you have curve penis especially if you feel pain on it, better consult a urologist prior to attempting curing/correcting the curvature yourself. As I’ve read…there is a certain degree of curvature in which traction is recommended to use, otherwise if the curvature is extreme, it may need medical procedure. So, it’s always better and safer to talk to your health care provider, in this case a urologist.

    • Michael Wiener says

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Owen. This would be helpful for others who are looking for solutions on problems like you’ve had.

  3. Xav says

    I have actually a little bent on my penis to the left, and when I consulted it a urologist, there are no plaques found in my penis shaft. He recommended to me doing some light massages on it and traction device like this. It was around 6 months ago, and I haven’t done anything about what he recommended. I guess it’s time for me to do it.

  4. indes945 says

    I honestly enjoying doing manual exercises and I’ve been doing it for over 6 months, but never came to my mind to using a device like sizegenetics extender until these last few weeks.

  5. Gian says

    Expecting mine in a couple of weeks. Don’t have the fund, right now but it’s coming. And, don’t worry guys… it’s not something I borrow money with, it’s really in my plans :)

  6. ChunS says

    I have a small willie and I’m thinking of utilizing sizegenetics to at least gain an inch or two maybe. I’m starting Jelqing and stretching for a month now and my stamina is up significantly, so I’m thinking why not get something like sizegenetics to complement my efforts.

  7. Ethan says

    I’ve seen lots of these one page website promoting the same thing, and I’m just wondering how well this would work if lots of these people are simply spamming and claiming fake reviews over and over.

    • Michael Wiener says

      I’m not sure about it @Ethan… but perhaps it’s possible as I’ve seen orders coming from the middle east particularly UAE. Just to be sure, you’re right about inquiring first before purchasing.

  8. Dale says

    By nature, I have an average penis size, but I’m still interested in doing penis enlargement not for the sole purpose of increasing length, but girth. Will it be beneficial if I do along with other routines like jelqing or stretching?

    • Michael Wiener says

      Jelqing and stretching are both helpful when doing penis enlargement using penis extender like sizegenetics or pumping using penomet or bathmate.

  9. Travis says

    I was just reading various threads at pegym and mattersofsize and found recommendations for sizegenetics. I’m getting one next week when I get back home from travel. Looks like this thing can be easily carry along while traveling. I’m doing jelqing on regular basis even at hotels where I stayed. Of course, I make sure everything and every time it is private.

  10. Yaman says

    I’m just curious because I’m interested in getting this one, but I’ve read somewhere wherein someone haven’t achieve any gains even after months of using it.

    • Michael Wiener says

      Unfortunately, there are those who have slow to unnoticeable progress even after months of putting on the device. if this happens, it does not mean the device isn’t working, but that means, you need to modify the routines such as performing a well-warm up routine before wearing the extender, then doing some jelqing routine after removing the device. Also, tension is important, it is good to take note that increasing the tension overtime can help.

      On the other hand, a lot of the sizegenetics penis extender user have achieved substantial gains within 3 to 6 months of using the device. Make sure you don’t stick to one routine especially if you’re using it long enough and your penis is ready to handle more advanced routines.

  11. Jeff says

    I have a slightly curved penis and I can’t tell for sure if this is peyronies. I don’t feel any pain, but the slight curvature bothers me. I haven’t tried any massaging or penis exercises to correct the curve. However, I’m thinking of buying a penis extender as some urologists recommend it. I first saw it at one health tv show where a doctor demonstrates how it might help. In fact, the urologists mentioned a specific brand, but that brand does not exist anymore, so my attention has turn to sizegenetics.

  12. Devin says

    Here is my plan… since I don’t have much budget for the ultimate edition, I will get the device only and upgrade later on. I’ve been saving this money for the last few months. And, although most of you will tell me…probably, it’s not advisable doing so, I’m still doing it because I’m interested with it. I’m already doing jelqing and v-stretching, both are great and now I want to take it to the next level using sizegenetics device.

    • Michael Wiener says

      Go for it, Devin, otherwise if that money you’re saving is for emergency purposes, I wouldn’t advise pushing it further. But, if that is what you’re saving for, then pull the trigger.

  13. Stateen says

    i have a 2 inches long penis and its only 4 inches long when i have an erection. i really wish to make it larger like a minimum of 6 inches.

  14. Tamir says

    Anyone knows if there is a local store in India selling size genetics? I’m very much interested, or this can only be purchased online?

    • Michael Wiener says

      I have no idea if there is a store in you local area selling it(authorized reseller). Beware of those fake circulation, although I haven’t seen one, but it’s worth investigating closely if you’re getting it via a local store.

      To make sure you’re getting the real deal and authentic device, better buy in online. It’s safe and billing and shipping information are discreet or private. So, you don’t have to worry about someone knowing what you bought online unless you tell them so.

  15. jinx2134 says

    This is exactly what I found in my bf’s closet. It really made me wonder what it is for, but eventually he confessed me about it. Yes, he is using it but can’t tell the difference in size as he is just using it for more or less 3 months? Although, I can feel a bit of hardness of his penis when it is fully erect and he is well-aroused. I think that’s a good sign, though…

  16. Curtis J. says

    This is really promising and hoping this can help me in my journey towards achieving bigger penis. Although, I haven’t bought one, yet…I preferred sizegenetics extender along with manual routines. I’m single and have an extra money to spend and I choose to invest it in this one. I already been doing Jelqing routines and it does improve erection quality and stamina. For the last 5 months, I can tell my penis is a lot massive than before although I haven’t notice any substantial difference in size increase… but I can feel it when I hold it while in full erection.

  17. Giraldo says

    I’m sort of skeptical, but I’m interested. I guess the only way to know is try it in real life. I’ve been doing sporadic jelqing for almost year now and seen some results in terms of erection quality improvement and desensitization.

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