Do Regular Exercise Help Revved Up Sex Drive

Most likely, this is one of the most widely asked questions online as to whether performing regular workout routine can help increase a man’s sex drive. There is no doubt, regular exercise offers long-term health benefits. In fact, government health authority like the CDC.GOV recommends at least 30 minutes workout on a daily basis.

Exercise Boosts Sex Drive

However, lots of men and women still asking if it helps increase sexual drive. As one may have already observed, doing workout either at the gym or home might help you improve performance in bed. Previously, we’ve covered various exercises like squat in which men can benefit to gain stamina or power especially on those energy-demanding sexual positions such as the standing position.

Additionally, we’ve learned that doing Kettlebell workout can help increase a man’s testosterone level to an amazing level. Exercise, when developed as a habit and done regularly, can have long-term effects not only in developing muscle strengths and increase cardiovascular capabilities, but increase sex drive as well…not only in men but also true in women. With all these benefits exercise offered, it is also enhances and develops one’s self-image. Having able to enhanced self-image is pretty sexy by itself.

Yoga For Better Sex Drive

Endorphins is also released during workouts. It is thought the release of endorphins results to a subsequent release of hormones that boost a person’s sexual desire. Although, intense full body workout is a good option, low-intensity exercises like Yoga is fundamentally helpful in releasing muscle tensions allowing an increased blood circulation throughout the entire body and into the genital area resulting to increased arousal capability. In fact, there are certain Yoga poses that are helpful for men who are experiencing premature ejaculation.

Exercise may also offer a boost in spirits for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, or ED. ED is primarily caused by poor circulation of blood into the genital region including the penis shaft, which is responsible for achieving erections. A high-intensity cardio workouts can get the heart pumping and improves blood circulation throughout the entire body allowing all the parts get enough share blood.

Perhaps, one of the most notable purposes of working out is to lose weight or maintain an ideal healthy weight level. Being obese or overweight has a significant impact on one’s sexual health. Majority of obese men has high risk of experiencing ED due to the underlying cardiovascular health condition. The bulging belly fat is not only ugly to look at, but it has more serious health risks associated with it.

Therefore, becoming physically active and getting in shape has a significant impact on maintaining pristine health. Achieving and maintaining a pristine level of health allows one to enjoy life including an active sex lifestyle. Regular exercise is doubly beneficial to both men and women as it helps with weight loss and maintain good sex drive even during age 50 and beyond.

Comments and Insights

  1. james8834 says

    What an interesting information here, but I think it does help to some extent. I’m no body builder, I’m just a normal guy who do exercise on are regular basis.

    • Michael Wiener says

      Appreciate sharing your insights, James. It does help as long as it is done on a regular basis. What matters here are the long-term benefits of exercises. Not necessarily going to the gym everyday, but workouts that can be done at home like running, push-ups, pull-ups, and short full body workout like that of the 7-minute scientific workout.

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