Male Extra Pill Is A Naturally Potent Sexual Health, Stamina and Performance Booster

Last Modified/Updated on May 11, 2015

One of today’s popular and effective male enhancement supplements is Male Extra pill. Based on user testimonials, majority of men who have used Male Extra considered it as an alternative to Viagra. In this review, you will learn more about this male supplement that is based on natural ingredients, hence a doctor’s prescription is not required when taking the supplement.

Male Extra In  New Packaging

There have been numerous male extra reviews published online since it was first introduced to the male enhancement arena online. Probably, this is due to Male Extra pill’s proven and potent ingredients like L-Arginine and Zinc.

Reportedly, L-Arginine has been found to help improve sperm count while zinc boost the man’s sexual reproductive system to produce more semen. With these two components, it is not uncommon those who have experienced a boost in fertility and virility.

However, the numerous reviews have been misleading consumers about the true essence or function about the product. Keep in mind, Male Extra is not a penis enlargement product.

It is a supplement formulated from potent natural ingredients proven to increase male virility by improving sexual drive and stamina.

Quick Video Intro For Male Extra Pill

Here’s one thing worth pondering and this applies to any male supplementation. One should not consider a supplement as a means of increasing penis size, although it improves erection quality achieving a firm and lasting erections.

Provided is the list of Male Extra’s potent ingredients below to give you(consumers) a good idea about the product’s potency. Take note, however, if you are planning of engaging penis enlargement program employing manual exercises, or through the aid of gadgets such as pumps and extenders, Male Extra is an excellent supplement that could help facilitate proper blood flow to the penile area.

Male Extra Pill’s Sexual Health, Stamina and Performance Benefits

  • Can Help Increase or Boost Semen Production For A Much Intense and Better Orgasms
  • Can Help Boost Sexual Performance and Stamina
  • Can Help Super-Charge A Dull Sex Life Into An Amazing Sexual Experience
  • Can Help Boost Virility Which Makes Your Partner Craving For More
  • Can Help Achieve Bigger, Longer and Harder Erections
  • A Potential Solution In Reversing Erectile Dysfunction or ED
  • Contains Massive 1500mg On One Of Its Kind Male Enhancement Formulation Per Serving
  • Contains All-Natural Ingredients Without Side-Effects
  • Contains Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE LoveCentria Better Sex Techniques To Achieving Better and More Intense Orgasms
  • Worldwide Shipping

Male Extra Back Label (Ingredients)

Male Extra’s Primary Ingredients

  • Ellagic Acid from Pomegranate – an antioxidant, sexual drive and stamina booster.
  • L-Arganine – an essential amino acids that helps produced Nitric Oxide(NO).
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) – helps increase blood flow and improve overall penis health.
  • Creatine – helps the body’s energy production useful for sexual performance.
  • Cordyceps – helps in improving sexual drive and stamina.
  • Zinc – essential for producing and maintaining healthy sperm or semen.
  • Niacin – helps improve blood circulation and production of sex hormones.

Additional Info On Ingredients

  • L-Arginine – is an essential Amino Acids that will eventually breaks down into Nitric Oxide(NO) upon absorption. This helps increase blood flow into the penis, hence resulting to harder and firmer erections. Another good thing about L-Arginine is it produces HGH (human growth hormone). HGH helps produce more semen which in turn boost sexual drive.

    Let’s talk a bit about HGH as this is a huge breakthrough in modern advancement in medicine and anti-aging industy. A significant number of people are craving for HGH especially those who are in their prime age. It offers a lot of benefits when it comes to looks and of course, sexual drive. One popular means of getting HGH into the body is through injection, but the downside getting HGH through injection is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

    Fortunately, Male Extra pill is giving you the chance of getting it naturally without injecting the actual HGH hormone into the body, but instead encouraging the body to produce HGH naturally just as when you were in your 20s or 30s. This results to a more vibrant looks, a noticeable boost in sexual drive and stamina resulting to a better and longer performance; and eventually getting back or boosting your confidence in sex and overall self-esteem.

    Additional benefits of it is being able to help you lose weight. Of course, losing weight is huge, and lots of factors can influence with it, but you’re doing your part of practicing and living a healthy lifestyle, it can help you achieve better weight and fat loss and being able to maintain a health and ideal weight, which is an important thing especially for individuals in their 40s and beyond.

    As mentioned earlier, Male Extra pill is only a supplement and should not be taken as a primary solution or medications towards a healthy sexual lifestyle. Still, you need to do and practice a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating habits, maintaining a physically active body by doing exercise or other physical activities that involved the entire body such as outdoor activities like walking, running, cycling, or playing sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, or any other equivalent activities that pumps up the cardiovascular system.

    There are lots of supplements with L-Arginine promoted and claimed to be able to improve Nitric Oxide production without considering the user’s lifestyle. Users who are heavy smokers, and alcoholic tend not to benefit the potent effect of it. The same is true with Male Extra, it doesn’t help that much if you have a bad lifestyle in terms of health and fitness.

    So, if you want Male Extra pill to help you boost your sex drive, stamina and overall sexual health, be proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and Male Extra pill’s potent active ingredient can work. Of course, it does not refer to people who are in their 40s and beyond, but for everyone who want to take their sexual drive, stamina and sexual health in pristine level should practice a healthy way of life.

    Remember, no supplements can help you achieve a better sexual experience no matter what ingredients in their and what claims they made if you(user) does not take part in maintaining your health, it won’t work. This is just an honest and upfront opinion as many people tried and took the pill and end up concluding it didn’t worked without looking at his own lifestyle when it comes to health.

L-Arginine (Arginine): Arginine is an amino acid the body needs for many functions, like boosting immunity. The body also uses arginine to produce nitric oxide — an effect similar to the way Viagra works. Arginine has been found to improve blood flow to the penis.

One study showed improvements when L-arginine, glutamate, and Yohimbine were combined. (Yohimbine is FDA approved as a drug therapy for ED, so how much of the effect was due to arginine is unknown.) Another study showed “significant improvement in sexual function” when low dose (500 mg three times daily) L-arginine and pycnogenol were combined — but not when L-arginine was used alone. Higher doses, around 5 grams daily, might be necessary for L-arginine to work by itself.

Arginine is generally safe, although there may be drug interactions — especially with high blood pressure drugs. In addition, men taking Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra – or nitroglycerin (nitrates) for chest pain (angina) — should be cautious as combining them with L-arginine can cause a potentially serious drop in blood pressure.

“It’s something to try. And if it works for those arteries, it could also help the heart arteries, too. Men with heart disease might benefit most from taking arginine,” says Saigal. Source

ARGININE IS NATURAL, SAFER, AND PROVIDES MANY HEALTH BENEFITS. Because the amino acid arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide, its ingestion and concomitant elevation in the serum accomplish much the same goal as Viagra, as several studies have borne out.

In the first of these studies, 15 impotent men first took a placebo for 2 weeks, but none improved.2 Then, without letting them know, they were switched to 2.8 g of L-arginine daily for 2 weeks. Six of the 15 men (40%) reported they had improved erections while taking the arginine supplement. The improvements were of three general types; firmer erections, return of vaginal penetration, and ability to distinguish placebo from arginine. Source

Additional Sources On L-Arginine’s Effect On Male Sexual Health

  • Zinc – a lot of men do not have enough supply of zinc in their body. Zinc plays a vital role in healthy production of semen. Although, Zinc’s importance as a sex drive booster, it has been tied with sexual function. Lack of zinc can cause delay in children’s sexual development, and difficulty or inability to produce healthy semen on adult men.

    Male Extra pill includes Zinc as its primary ingredient, so taking it on regular basis could help men produce healthy semen. Mens Health Mag called it as the ultimate sex mineral that has huge impact on a man’s long-term sexual health, boost sex drive and testosterone level, reduce risks of prostate cancer, boost immune system, male potency and fertility.

    Each time a man ejaculate it expends up to 5mg of zinc, which accounts almost 50% of a man’s daily zinc allowance. Anyone who is ready to start a family, a little boost of zinc could step-up fertility level to aid healthy production of sperm cells vital for conception. Zinc is also rich in the following foods like nuts, beans, milk, eggs, and whole grains.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane(MSM) – this helps other ingredients increased proper blood flow which benefit the penis for achieving a harder and bigger erections every time. Additionally, having a good level of MSM helps maintain the health of the cells in the body.
  • Creatine – helps boost energy required for muscle contraction. This helps the level of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is basically the body’s energy to be maintained at high-level.
  • Cordyceps – helps boost sexual drive and stamina. It is also known as Cordyceps sinensis, which is described in an old Chinese books of medicine, as well as in Tibetan medicine. It’s a rare combination or blend of caterpillar and fungus that can be found above 4500 meters altitude in Sikkim, a place in the Himalayan mountains.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to travel that far and climb that high to get it. Male Extra incorporate it as one of the potent primary ingredients, and simply taking the pill allows you to get the benefits of it.

    As additional info, presently, Sikkim’s local folk practitioners use it solely, or in combination with other herbs to treat numerous diseases. Sikkim’s local folks also put it in a cup of milk for the purposes of enhancing sexual potency and sex drive.

    It has been also used as treatments for 21 ailments like cough and cold, diabetes, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and among many others including erectile dysfunction. This is among the reasons why Male Extra is potential alternative and natural solution to men with ED. If you’re interested to read more about Cordyceps, click here.

How Does Male Extra Formulation Works?

Male Extra consists of potent ingredients that would help boost a man’s sexual drive and stamina. The two most active ingredients in this supplement are Pomegranate and Niacin. Furthermore, Pomegranate and Ellagic Acid are both known to bolster penis erection hardness.

Plus, men who have difficulty achieving an erection due to ED or erectile dysfunction, these ingredients are helpful as well, although this is not a medicine for ED.

Male Extra also contains an ingredient called Niacin. Niacin is a stamina or energy booster. It helps maintain the mucous membranes at its optimal condition, hence reducing the tiredness and fatigue.

Niacin also helps regulate proper blood flow in the entire body and within the penis area. A penis with proper blood flow means harder, bigger, and longer-lasting erection. An improved blood flow within the penis also helps prevent ED or erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra Pill Vs Other Male Pills

Male Extra PillViMax Male EnhancementProSolution PlusVigRX Plus


Clinical Study Conducted on Male Extra

Male Extra Pill Clinical Study

The Nauka University and Research Centre conducted a clinical study and found Male Extra uses natural herbal ingredients that are safe and proven to boost Nitric Oxide(NO) levels resulting an increase blood flow to the penis. Men seeking firmer and harder erection quality and boost in sexual stamina, an increase level in Nitric Oxide(Oxide) is necessary.

The research team added 600mg of L-Arginine as primary ingredient and doubled the amount of dosage compare to other male enhancement supplements on the market. There are over 100 clinical studies conducted on L-Arginine, and this ensure Male Extra users will achieve desirable results.

In addition, a massive 500mg of pure 40% Ellagic Acid from Pomegranate per daily serving, which proves to boost erection hardness and help those with difficulty achieving erections.

Male Extra pill has been safely optimized with maximum dosage of each primary ingredient making sure it will deliver the results effectively and as quickly as possible.

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Male Extra is already a proven, and effective male supplement that boost sex drive, semen production for a more explosive ejaculations, and boost fertility. Even more good news, every purchase of Ultimate and Super Gainers package now include a FREE box of Performe5 semen enhancer.

Male Extra and Performer5 Perfect Combination

Performer5 is a male supplement scientifically developed for men to boost volume ejaculations. Having to ejaculate in amazing volume provides an intense ejaculation experience during orgasms. The more semen being ejaculated, the longer the contraction of the muscles in the penis making the experience so heavenly.

Typical ejaculations on most men occur 6 seconds, and within that seconds of release or orgasm the feeling is so intense already and satisfying. Now, imagine if you could extend that 6 seconds to 10 seconds or even double it. What an intense orgasmic feeling it is?

Benefits Of Taking Performer5

  • Ejaculate up to 5 times more than usual making you feel truly masculine that leaves your partner longing for more
  • Powerful ejaculations for a more manly experience. Imagine ejaculating with powerful spurts shooting farther than what you experience normally. Achieving it is like adding more power to your penis in the eyes of your partner.
  • Mind-blowing intense orgasms every time. As mentioned earlier, the more you ejaculate, the longer the contraction inside the penis producing that intense sexual satisfaction.

Male Extra Available Packages

Here are the available packages to choose and suit anyone’s budget. When order or buy Male Extra pill worth 3-month supply, you will receive 1 FREE extra bottle equivalent to a month of supply. For every purchase of 4-month supply, 2 FREE extra bottles worth 2 months supply totalling to a 6 months supply. That’s lot of saving when you order higher packages.

The 4-months supply package also comes with other additional FREE Gifts, 1 FREE Box of Performer5 Semen Enhancer and 1 FREE Instant Erection Gel. Checout the table below for more details.

PackagesFREEBIES / BonusesPrice
Ultimate Gainers Package (4-Male Extra Bottles)FREE 2 Male Extra Bottles
FREE 1Box Performer5 Semen Enhancer
FREE 1 Instant Erection Gel

$249.90 | £154.95

Super Gainers Package (3-Male Extra Bottles)FREE 1 Male Extra Bottles

$197.95 | £124.95

2 Months Supply (2 Bottles)N / A

$129.90 | £79.95

1 Month Supply (1 Bottle)N / A

$64.95 | £39.95

Advantages of Taking Male Extra Pill

  • Primarily based on natural ingredients with no side effects.
  • Quick visible results can be obtain.
  • Proven to work well with Penis Enlargement Exercises.
  • Worldwide shipping available; therefore, anyone anywhere can order.
  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Discreet billing and packaging.


Well, just as with anything in life, downsides are unavoidable. However, these are not huge deal disadvantages, but for the purpose of information, consumers/buyers should know about Male Extra pill’s availability.

  • Not available for purchase in local drug stores offline.
  • Male Extra is only available for online purchase just as with any other male pills.

Male Extra Guarantee and Return Policy

Male Extra Guarantee and Return Policy

Male Extra has been proven to improve and boost sexual drive, stamina and achieving bigger and harder erections. With its effectiveness and reputation, Male Extra offers a money-back guarantee. There are certain producers to be followed when claiming a refund, and this is officially posted in their return policy page.

Nevertheless, Male Extra offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. To learn more, customer support can be reach by click here. You may also order by calling the numbers provided for U.S., U.K., and International customers. Additionally, Male Extra is shipped discreetly, hence ensuring privacy of what is ordered.

Male Extra Discount Coupon Codes

There are three Male Extra Pill COUPON/DISCOUNT CODES available for EURO(€), GBP(£) and USD($).

Male Extra Discount Code #1ME3030 – €10 OFF for order value above €92
Male Extra Discount Code #2ME3031 – £10 OFF for order value above £90
Male Extra Discount Code #3ME3032 – $10 OFF for order value above $70

Male Extra pill is not a fast-acting male enhancement. To enjoy the long lasting effects and benefits, it should be taken for a at least in a 3-month period. Although, many who have taken Male Extra experience positive results in just a month of using it, its real power and potency can be achieve by taking the supplement beyond a 1-month period.


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Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. Conelays says

    Personally, I prefer this over extenze. Maybe it’s just me, but I tested both and I have better results with male extra.

  2. JustM says

    People are so desperate to grow their penis size and enhance their sexual efficiency, and I’m no different. I have tried many unknown male enhancement pills in which eventually they’re out of market and haven’t gave me the boost I need. Now, I’m heading on it again, but this time I think I’m opting for a well-established ones like Male Extra. Will give this a go for at least 5 months and let’s see what happen then.

  3. preorke says

    Occasionally my husband has issue making it up. I will tell him about this hoping he can make it up every time we want.

  4. Doug says

    I tried many products for male enhancement, sexual stimula, erectile dysfunction and many do not work. This sparks my interest to try and take it. Planning of getting 6 months supply as recommended by majority.

  5. Daylyn says

    My hubby prefers to do what his friends are doing. Just a few days ago, he told me, his close friends are doing penis enlargement…some are taking male enhancement supplements and some are taking a way doing exercises. I don’t want him doing what his friends are doing in the first place, but it might be a good idea to support him, right?

    • Michael Wiener says

      Hi Daylyn, I think yo’re husband is very lucky man that he has his wife’s support. Just tell your husband or send him to this page to know more about Male Extra.

      Also, take note that Male Extra is only a supplement, and while is very effective on boosting a man’s virility, this should not be consider as primary method of increasing penis size. True penis enlargement techniques involve actual physical stimulation such as performing penis exercises or using penis enlargement devices like pumps or extenders.

      Fortunately, taking supplements while doing penis enlargement routines is a good idea. Just don’t make the supplements as the primary strategy.

  6. Azzam says

    I have, for a while, been considering trying some male enhancement items, since I’m insecure and feel that it’s necessary. The majority of these products claimed to have no negative negative effects and work completely. I don’t believe that, since if that held true everybody would have a 10 inch penis and I would not be asking this question. What I would actually like is some input from individuals who have utilized any kind of male enhancement, things like whether or not it really works as claimed. I would also like to understand if it ended up being a good choice, particularly this one(Male Extra). Were you then pleased with the outcomes? Or did it in some way negatively affect your life in methods you didn’t anticipate? I just want to know and well-informed before I fire it up for my own use.

    • Michael Wiener says

      Hello Azzam, I’m with your sentiment especially that a lot of the websites online are marketing male supplements are penis enlargement. Unfortunately, it is not true. Pills alone cannot help achieve a bigger penis even if you take it for a period of 10 years. Pills, on the other hand like Male Extra helps improve erection quality and virility. This may be the reason why most marketers out there are marketing it as penis enlargement pill, which is kinda bad and feel like ripping people off.

      If you want to increase your penis size, you’ve to get involve with physical stimulation like performing regular exercises like Jelqing and stretching with their numerous variations.

      Moreover, penis enlargement devices are helpful as well. In fact both, manual exercises and penis enlargement devices can be combined into a routine.

      Moreover, male enhancement supplement like Male Extra can be taken along with exercise routines to make it more efficient. However, keep this in mine that you must approach penis enlargement in a long-term perspective. There are no shortcuts to achieving great results, you have to go through the process.

      If you’re interested, please read this recent article I’ve published covering tips on how to make the most of penis enlargement efforts for long term results. Please refer to this article.

      • Rhys says

        Thank you for your quick and detailed explanation Michael, and the article you’ve pointed out is very helpful.

        Now I have somewhat a clear understanding that male enhancement does not necessarily mean increasing penis size, but improving the quality of erections and boost virility.

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