Learn These Simple Steps On How To Perform A Healthful Testicular Massage For Better Sex Drive On Demand

The male testicles are two small oval-shaped organs hanging just below the base of the penis inside the skin pouch called the scrotum. The testicles are responsible in producing sperm cells that fertilized with the female egg when the two met during sexual intercourse. It is also responsible in producing the male sexual hormone called testosterone.

Most men neglect to check their testicles as part of daily penis health self-examination, and overall male reproductive health. In fact, there are not many men performing a self-examination on their testicles, and don’t even know how to do it. When it comes to maintaining male sexual health, majority of men are only concern about the penis. In reality, the male sexual health involves more than the penis. In fact, it includes the entire cardiovascular system, and the testicles, or course.

Testicles Massage Techniques, Tips and Sexual Health Benefits

Testicles Massage Techniques, Tips and Sexual Health Benefits

Benefits Of Performing Testicle Massage

  • Improves blood circulation to the testicles and scrotal area.
  • Regular testicular massage helps boost sex drive.
  • As an early detection or self-examination for testicular cancer as demonstrated in penis health timeline at the Dr. Oz show.
  • Boosts the production of testosterone hormone(although not scientifically proven but it seems to work on those who perform testicular massage on a regular basis, or as a part of penis enlargement exercise routines).
  • Regular testicle massage helps improve erection quality especially when combined with penis exercises like stretching and Jelqing.
  • Some men reported it helps prevent and eliminate turkey neck in penis enlargement.
  • Increases load or ejaculation volume and sperm count.
  • Helps identify abnormal lumps or swelling if there is any and address it as early as possible.
  • Allow the testicles and flaccid penis to hang low, which is crucial for men who are involved in penis enlargement routine using a device like a hydro pump.

Performing The Massage

Prior to performing the actual massage on the testicles, it is crucial to perform a warm up in order to loosen the skin of the scrotum making it easy to stretch during the massage.

Moreover, warming up helps increase blood flow within the area making it very effective in benefiting the effects of the massage. This is the primary reason why warming up is crucial, not only in testicle massage but for penis enlargement in general.

  • STEP 1 – Secure a clean cloth or towel and soak it in warm water.
  • STEP 2 – Wrap the warm clothing or towel around the testicles for 5 minutes.
  • STEP 3 – Apply oils such Jojoba or almond oil, or even baby oil to the palm of the hands and rub it on the entire scrotum skin covering all visible areas.
  • STEP 4 – Begin massaging the surrounding area of the scrotum, but not the scrotum directly.
  • STEP 5 – Massage in between the testicles using thumb and fingers with pumping motion.
  • STEP 6 – Massage the base of the scrotum, and pulling it lightly while massaging.
  • STEP 7 – Repeat steps 4 to 6 for 3 minutes.
  • STEP 8 – With the fingers of the hand spread apart, grip the testicles at the base and pull it down and up lightly for 3 minutes.
  • STEP 9 – Massage and apply light pressure to the testicles. Massage around both testicles for 3 minutes.

Performing Testicular Massaging And Stretching

These are the basic steps of massaging the testicles. Ideally, this routine should be performed 3 times a week. In addition to the massaging routine, stretching the the scrotum, so it hangs low is a good thing to do, as well. A good stretching technique is to grasp the base of the testicles using the thumb and forefinger, something like creating an “OK” sign similar to while performing Jelqing.

When locking grasping the base of the testicles, make sure the testicles are on top of the thumb while the penis is on the palm side of the hand.

Squeeze the testicles until both are tight together, and then using the other hand, apply a small or light pressure on top of the testicles massaging in a circular motion. While performing the massaging in a circular motion, lightly pull the testicles with the hand grabbing the testicles. Do this routine for 3 minutes.

Use a warm towel to wipe and clean out the oil used after the massaging and stretching routines are completed. Once it is done, you are now ready to do whatever you want for the day. When the massaging is done during the night, perhaps going to sleep is a good idea after the routine is completed.


The testicles should be stretched out and appear to hang lower than normal when the massaging routine is finished. Both the stretching and massaging routine can be done at least 3 times a week altogether as mentioned.

However, performing a daily massage is also healthful routine for maintaining optimal health of the testicles.

Doing this on a regular basis, the testicles will be well-separated from the penile base and hanging low. Visually, this makes the penis appear longer and bigger as the balls hang low noticeably, plus it promotes better health for the testicles in the long run.

Testicle Tapping and Rolling Massage Technique

Testicle Tapping and Rolling Technique of Massaging

Refer to the image/figure above;

  1. Figure 1 shows tapping the testicles using fingertips.
  2. Figure 2 shows tapping the testicles with the palm.
  3. Figure 3 shows rolling the testicles with the palm

Tapping With Fingertip Details

  1. Stand in horse stance position, if sit on the edge of the bed, or hard stool.
  2. Rub the palms together until it feels warm.
  3. Grab the penis and pull it upwards with one hand(as shown in the picture) while the other hand’s fingertips gently tapping the testicles resulting the testicles to bounce up and down.
  4. Do 1 or 2 sets of fingertip tapping with 36 taps for each set

Palm Rolling Technique Details

  1. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above
  2. Grab the penis with one hand while pulling it in upward direction
  3. Cup the testicles with the other hand and gently roll testicles in circling motion
  4. Do 36 circling motion in both directions
  5. While doing the circling massaging movement, keep the anus locked tightly as this encourage to raise sexual energy towards the spinal channels for sublimation into the brain.

Sexual Reflexology By Mantak Chia

Excerpt of Testicular Massage Guide

Testicle Pain Relief

For men experiencing some sort of pain in their testicles, this video could be useful in relieving the pain. Otherwise, if the pain persists consulting your urologist or health care provider is a recommended course of action. The techniques shown in the video is simple and using a tennis ball.

Additional Resources

For additional resources in connection to the subject covered here, checkout Amazon products that might be helpful in your quest towards achieving healthy testicles, and boost overall sexual health.

Comments and Insights

  1. Luca says

    My bf likes me to message his testicles and one day i heard from a source that its bad to message them and recently when i have actually been doing it he would yell “owe!” and i have actually been doing it the same way I’ve been doing it for a year and its never ever impacted him. now its been impacting him in the exact same spot lately. whats up with this?

    • Michael Wiener says

      It should not hurt and even my wife doing it for years and still feels good. Do you feel any hard lumps in his testicles, or perhaps you just over pressure in doing it which is not good.

  2. Zander says

    I don’t how true is this, rubbing the testicles for 2 minutes a day and delicately tapping them promoted them to produce even more sperm and testosterone. Also, I’ve watched one health tv show that manually and delicately checking the balls are great for early detection of testicular cancer as hard bumps might be forming.

  3. hentireacted says

    Hopefully,,,this helps let my balls hang lower and lower. I wanted to perform an advanced stretching that involve stretching the balls/scrotum upwards, but can’t do it right now as it hurts too much as my balls are fluppy.

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